Program Overview

2020 Exascale Computing Project Annual Meeting

The goal of the 2020 ECP Annual Meeting is to highlight technical accomplishments that are being enabled by interactions and collaborations within the ECP community, including the ECP focus areas, DOE HPC facilities, industry collaborators and participating vendors. In addition to the Keynote and Plenary Sessions, the core of the program will include BoF, Breakout, Panel, Tutorial and Poster Sessions.

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Monday Agenda (PDF) Tuesday Agenda (PDF) Wednesday Agenda (PDF) Thursday Agenda (PDF)
All Day Agenda (PDF)

Keynote Address


BoF/Breakout/Panel Sessions

The 2020 ECP Annual Meeting offers a diverse set of 45-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute BoF, Breakout and Panel sessions that will take place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the Annual Meeting. Participants are encouraged to attend breakouts to learn more about these important topics and areas in the ECP community. Presenters will be discussing accomplishments, requirements sharing, and opportunities for interactions.

See list of BoF/Breakout/Panel sessions below:


The ECP agenda includes an exciting series of 60-minute, 90-minute, 150-minute, 180-minute, and 330-minute Tutorials offered Tuesday through Thursday of the annual meeting. When planning your schedule for the ECP Annual Meeting, be sure to allow time for you and your teammates to attend some tutorials.

See list of Tutorials below:


The 2020 ECP Annual Meeting offered a diverse set of posters divided in five categories: Application Development, Software Technology, Hardware and Integration, Facilities and Industry. A total of 123 posters were on displayed during the poster sessions that took place on Tuesday and Wednesday of the Annual Meeting.

See list of posters by category below: